Unsigned Band Feature Of The Month: Frank Greene Band.



Have You Heard  are doing a new monthly feature on unsigned bands (we all have to start somewhere right?) And what better way to start with an unsigned powerhouse, Frank Greene Band . FGB is made up of nine members including five vocalists, double bass, keys, drums and lead and acoustic guitar. FGB’s real strength and niche to the industry is having five vocalists that intertwine their buttery sounds throughout their set  which is made up of original tracks. It is not the just usual set up of lead and backing vocals,  every vocalist and musician has a part to play in this fusion of home grown soul.

37367146_819597108246733_751381722158858240_oFrank Greene Band have been expanding since the founding members Ruby Rose and Danny Vice created the band back in 2014, and already have a tasty musical résumé supporting the likes of: New Street Adventure, The Block Heads, PP Arnold (to name a few) and have even been invited to play at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s. They have just finished a summer festival tour which included playing at the prestigious CarFest South, organised by Chris Evans. And it appears it is only the beginning for the band.


HYH were lucky enough to stumble across their gig this weekend at Printers Playhouse  after hearing their first single “Fly” feature as ‘Track of the Day’ on BBC Introducing South. The best description for this band is a musical experience, rather than just another gig. FGB are aware they have versatility within the group, and so they use this to their advantage, bringing infectious hooks and melody, and what a tool to posess. Throughout the set vocalists are switching parts, taking solos and blending acoustics with instruments (such as guitars, double bass and keys) and even acapella arrangements which then lead up to the powerful full band explosion of funk baselines, guitar and vocal solos, and key introductions all tied together by nifty drum beats (which in one song jumped from 90’s classic soul, to jazz, to samba and back into funk).  Parliament Funkadelic clearly have created a wunderkind. FGB are ingenious in what they do, they have mastered the art of balance and knowing which collaborative musicians to use on each song, giving a blended, but multidimensional performance from beginning to end, which builds atmosphere and asthetics as they journey through their energetic set.  As Danny Vice and Ruby Rose (creators of FGB) lead the way through the infusion of funk and soul sounds, there’s a notable essence of something very organic about Frank Greene Band’s performance, which no longer leaves you wondering “Who is Frank Greene“, but more “What is next for this UK band?”

HYH urge you to go find out for yourself.

Check their FB for updates on gigs: https://www.facebook.com/FrankGreeneBand/ 

Website: https://frankgreeneband.com 


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